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Māori Carving Completes Journey to China

www.tourismnewzealand.com, 16 September 2010
A ceremonial gateway, or waharoa, symbolising the deepening cultural and business ties between New Zealand and China reached its final resting place in China on Friday 10 September. Read the full review »

Canoe of New Zealand demonstrates Maori carving skills

Shanghai Daily, 13 September 2010
Aged 3,500, this Kauri, with a diameter of 3 meters, was found in New Zealand in 2009 and made into a canoe. Coming afar to China, the Kauri has become the treasure of the New Zealand Pavilion. Recently it was moved out of the Expo Park and settled down in Shanghai Baoshan International Fork Art Museum after fulfilling its task during the Expo 2010 Shanghai China. This tree not only demonstrated the legendary Maori culture and enhanced the friendship between the two countries, but also opened a door for the two countries to communicate with each other.

Te Kakano, giant carved waharoa (gateway) at Shanghai World Expo - New Zealand Day 9 July 2010


Maori haka dance performed at the blessings ceremony

www.qq.com, 13 September 2010
Te Kakano, the dugout canoe made from a 3,000-year-old divine tree in New Zealand, was presented in the Baoshan International Folk Art Museum on September 10. Led by their spiritual leader, the (New Zealand) Maori prayed for their holy article for the last time.
Left: Maori dignatories performing a haka after the unveiling of the waharoa at Baoshan Museum


From a "seed" - story of the New Zealand canoe

www.163.com, 12 September 2010
The canoe, reflecting the Maori culture and symbolizing the friendship between New Zealand and China, was moved out of the New Zealand Pavilion and settled in Baoshan International Folk Art Museum on September 10. At the moment of unveiling the canoe, people were surprised to find that the bottom half of the "seed" erected on the plaza was carved into a gate called the "culture entrance to New Zealand". "The Expo 2010 Shanghai China will bring more opportunities for Maori to demonstrate its uniqueness to the world, and it also provides a chance for Maori and New Zealand to develop comprehensive business ties with China", said Hon. Pita Sharples, Minister of Maori Affairs New Zealand.

Te Kakano settles at Shanghai Baoshan Folk Art Museum

Te Kakano, giant carved waharoa (gateway) at Shanghai World Expo - New Zealand Day 9 July 2010Taizhou Evening News, 12 September 2010
The Te Kakano carving officially arrived in New Zealand Pavilion at Expo 2010 Shanghai China on 18th April. All carving of Te Kakano was completed in early July 2010. On 10 September the Te Kakano experienced four prayers, and finally settled down in Shanghai Baoshan Folk Art Museum. It also marked the main project of the New Zealand Pavilion at Expo 2010 Shanghai China coming to a successful close.

Canoe Sails to Baoshan

Shanghai Daily, 12 September 2010
The New Zealand Pavilion's symbolic canoe has gone on show at Baoshan Folk Art Museum in Gucun Park in Baoshan District. New Zealand's Maori Affairs Minister Pita Sharples unveiled the canoe at a ceremony at the museum yesterday. The 10-meter long canoe is made from a kauri pine tree trunk some 3,500 years old and is adorned with Maori carvings.


New Zealand Canoe at Shanghai Baoshan Folk Art Exhibition Hall

Shanghai Morning Post, 11 September 2010
On September 10, after a traditional and solemn Maori opening ceremony, New Zealand's gift for Shanghai Expo, the canoe, formally settles in Baoshan International Folk Art Museum. Maori Affairs Minister Dr Pita Sharples attended the ceremony with a number of delegates. During the ceremony, he danced Maori haka together with New Zealand Ambassador to China and New Zealand Consul-General in Shanghai to show their appreciation to Baoshan District. The canoe can be seen when Baoshan International Folk Art Museum opens in the middle of next month.

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